The McFadden Series
New England provides the perfect setting
for the first novel in
The McFadden

Dr. Lauren McFadden survived the
accidental explosion that nearly took her
life. She's back at her orthopedic practice
at Saint Michael's Rehabilitation Center,
but husband Bryan insists she's not well.
Her moodiness and indecisiveness are
threatening her work performance.
Treatment of Choice
Book #1 in The McFadden Series
Confirmed Diagnosis
Book #2 in The McFadden Series
Dr. Lauren McFadden and her husband
Bryan have moved on with their physical
medicine careers. Turning a dream into
reality, they're providing a home and
rehabilitation services for deserving
young people with advanced medical
Book #3 in The McFadden Series
Adam is deaf and has an eye for art.
Devon is learning to walk again after the
bike accident that nearly killed him.
Philip faces challenges other than using a
wheelchair. Michael begins SCI rehab,
but doesn't want to live as a person with
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                The McFadden Series by Mary King is a modern saga. A saga is a long story, account, or sequence
                of events that unfolds and progresses with each successive novel. The character-driven story develops
                and moves through the characters' thoughts, actions, emotions, hardships, successes, struggles, and

The McFadden Series features teenagers and young adults facing short-term or permanent disability as the result of
trauma injury. Readers can expect strong language, incorrigible behavior, compassion, humor, sarcasm, and tough love.
The storyline contains explicit (and graphic) medical details.

How does the story begin? Orthopedic specialist Dr. Lauren McFadden and her husband, Bryan, get more than they
bargain for when they leave their jobs at St. Michael's Rehabilitation Center to build an accessible resort home in the
Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. Utilizing a state-of-the-art gym and a sophisticated therapy pool, they're
equipped to provide rehab and advanced medical care to homeless/abandoned teenagers and young adults who have
sustained devastating injuries. The couple soon discovers that a day in the gym is a breeze compared to parenting
teen boys and young men who need care 24/7.

I created The McFadden Series from personal experience as a caregiver, disability advocate, and former
rehabilitation employee and volunteer. My book characters arrive at the McFadden estate with hearing problems, spinal
cord injury, amputation, traumatic brain injury, aphasia, and more. Don’t expect miracle cures or sugar-coated solutions
to problems; life doesn’t work that way. I did not create inspirational scenes on purpose in the books. My intention is to
educate readers on life-altering medical conditions, enlighten the public to adapted lifestyles, and encourage changes
where needed to promote accessibility and inclusion.

Mary L. King
Dr. McFadden and Bryan welcome
architect John Reynolds to view their
home and meet the boys who live there.

Newest resident Terry Evans is grieving
the loss of his arms. Cameron Jones fits
right in as the youngest teenager in the
Jeff Gaithers arrives to work as Bryan’s
assistant for the semester and manages to
turn everyone against him in just one
week. College students Buddy and Noah
face tragedy over Noah’s school friend.
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Vital Signs
Book #4 in The McFadden Series
A saga is a long story, account, or sequence of events.
The McFadden Series is a character-driven saga that unfolds and progresses with each successive novel.
Dr. Lauren McFadden is looking
forward to a relaxed summer
schedule. Bryan McFadden still has
hopes of a camping trip despite the
challenges—and the doctor’s protest—
of exploring the Mohawk Trail with
nine teenage boys and young men.

The younger teens are thriving, but it’s
not all sun and fun at the multi-million-
dollar estate.
On the Horizon for 2020:
Book #5 in The McFadden Series
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